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Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union
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Coffee* 100% Arabica. *Ingredient organic
Tasting Note
Candy, honey and spices


The cradle of coffee is in Ethiopia and it is in Yirga Cheffe where the Abyssinian region that produces the most coffee in the country is located. Internationally recognized for its high quality is one of the most valued varieties of Arabica in the world since it is genetically superior to other Ethiopian coffees.

With an intense floral aroma and an interesting point of acidity, it stands out for its mild flavor and for having a good body.

The coffee we present is Fair Trade and also organic, grown and treated directly by the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union (OCFCU), the largest fair trade producer that brings together 217 member associations and provides shelter for 202,000 farmers and their families, highlighting year after year the fundamental role that, more and more, Ethiopian women play throughout the OCFCU.

Thanks to this participation, the southern regions of Ethiopia have been improving their crops through new agricultural techniques that respect the environment and all the communities have benefited since the last years from the financing of the Cooperativa de Oromia bank, created by them..

With the purchase of this coffee, you are collaborating with 0.7% of Amnesty International's fight for human rights.

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