Ecolectia was born as a Fair Trade platform, ecological and independent. The name Ecolectia comes from the merger of Collecta which in Latin means harvest and the double "e" of Equitable and Environmentally-friendly. Ecolectia means therefore "fair and respectful harvest with the environment".

Ecolectia work areas

Ecolectia work areas

What we do

Be consistent in each phase of work

  • We are an entrepreneurial and independent microenterprise.
  • We are official International Fair Trade licensees that import, process, package and distribute our own selection of ethical products.
  • We are official ecological operators.
  • All our packaging is biodegradable and recycled.
  • Our logistics seeks the least of the environmental impacts by betting on the ThinkGreen program and a wide network of eco-franchises transportation.
  • We hire immigrant and refugee workers.
  • All commercial transactions, both in point of sale and ecommerce, are done by the ethical banking.
  • We comply with the highest quality standards in open and visible work processes to the public.
  • We work in a space with 100% renewable energy and the water is purified with our professional filtering system.
  • We spread awareness campaigns.
  • We help the third sector in fundraising actions.   

Where we are

Ecolectia Center: Our sustainable space and point of sale is located in C/Bruniquer, 9 - Local 5, in the Gracia district of Barcelona.

A place where we work with the product and shop, and where we have a meeting space, tastings and awareness talks on environmental issues, human rights and responsible consumption

In short, every Ecolectia purchase guarantees respect for the environment and the social fabric, both in the place where it is produced and in the place where it is consumed.

This commercial relationship makes us unique at national and European level, and we are proud that you enjoy the range of Ecolectia with us.