Social and ecological values

Ecolectia makes the difference for a transparent service and materials. Our social and ecological values are certified in such a way that any client can contrast the originality of the product in a simple and practical way.

We seek the greatest coherence and minimize as much as possible our ecological footprint: you will not find polluting plastics, nor aluminum, nor tea bags in single doses, much less capsules for coffee. We promote responsible consumption and explain the advantages of saving money and resources that have our product in your domestic economy.

We also collaborate with social actors to provide better ethical services in each phase of our work.

In this section we show you which are our certificates and our service providers.

Ethical traceability

FLOCert, our international recognition to operate as fair trade distributors. All our products that come from developing countries are acquired from traders and cooperatives with the FLO certification, guaranteeing that from the harvest to the final consumer the entire channel is fair trade. Our certification is FLO-ID 38019.


Fair Traid

FairTrade Seal, main logo that guarantees 100% compliance with the principles of fair trade and the great added value of Ecolectia is a licensee that allows us to package with the fair trade badge of greater international recognition.

We collaborate spreading the principles of Fairtrade Foundation and we join the local development of the cooperatives through the contribution of the Fairtrade Premium canon with the sale of our entire certified range.

Organic Products

EuroLeaf for those products, not necessarily from developing countries but also from Western countries, which guarantees that they are organic. We are an official ecological operator and we guarantee a bio controlled and high quality range, without pesticides or contaminants, respecting the environment and naturally healthy. Our registration is CT 005285 E and we are under the control of the CCPAE.    

Ethical Banking

Triodos Bank, ethical banking in all transactions of Ecolectia, both in physical store and online shop. The money is used to promote social and environmental changes that improve the quality of life of people, offering sustainable banking products and services, financing projects with added social value and being a transparent bank with the responsible use of their money.

Responsable Logistics

We work with a leading logistics provider, GLS, which is differentiated from the rest of the logistics operators by its ecological footprint reduction policy through the ThinkGreen program, as well as being a leader in promoting of transport ecofranchises.


We open collaborations with NGOs that assist immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers to hire all our workers and train the Ecolectia team. We support the integration of migrant people and the labor reinsertion work that actors such as Servei SolidariCEAR and Impulsem, among others, do.

Ecofriendly Material

We have different types of badges in our packaging according to the need of each product.

Omnidegradable® packaging for coffees, which guarantees that we pack the product with the least environmental impact. Unlike other plastics, they disintegrate only when they come into contact with bacteria without creating microplastics and allowing their recycling.

Bionatura doypacks for the rest of the Ecolectia range, also biodegradable. It is lighter, allowing maximum guarantee of the freshness of the product with a lesser logistical impact. It also disintegrates in contact with bacteria outdoors.

These materials are 100% recyclable like the rest of the packages on the market, but with the guarantee that if you end up in nature they would disappear in a period of between 6 months to 2 years.

Corporate Social Responsibility

If you want to know more about our third sector alliances with which we collaborate by collecting 0.7% of the sale of all Ecolectia products and the support of awareness campaigns you can see our Fundraising section.