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Origin country
Organic farming from Brazil
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Green mate* *Organic ingredient
Tasting Note
Toasted herbal


Popular South American drink, our Mate is organic and comes from fair trade cooperatives in Brazil.

Mate is a stimulating and diuretic drink that, due to its rich source of antioxidants, helps to stay alert and take care of oneself every day.

It comes from the pre-Columbian tradition ("mate" comes from the Tupi-Guaraní and means pumpkin) and is usually taken in a “bombilla”, although when infused it can be made with hot water in any container.

Being such a popular and widespread drink throughout the world it is very important to defend the rights of the farmers of mate, especially from the child exploitation so common in the cultivation of mate, and also preserve the growing environment.

With the purchase of this mate you are collaborating with 0.7% of Commission for Refugee Assistance (CEAR) for immigrants’ rights.

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