Images: (1) 100 g product bag made of BioNatura® material. (2) Loose product presentation. (3) Farmer picking tea - © Kazi & Kazi


Origin country
Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate
PVP: €5.00

(€0.13 - per cup)


Black tea* *Organic ingredient
Tasting Note
Floral and citric


It’s ideal to recharge energy in the morning. Our version of the well-known English Breakfast is the Bangladesh Breakfast, where we give support and name to the Bengali development project of Panchagarh where the first organic tea gardens in the country work in a pioneering way.

Panchagarh is a forgotten and poor region in Bangladesh where the project helps small farmers to have an alternative to industry and in turn generate self-employment and jobs for local people. Thanks to the sale of these organic teas, interesting projects are reinvested, such as the fight against illiteracy in women or the cession of a cow by peasant, which serves as a self-support and fertilizer in the plantation.

With the purchase of this tea you are collaborating with 0.7% of Commission for Refugee Assistance (CEAR) for immigrants’ rights.

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