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Origin country
Michiza Yeni Navan
PVP: €8.95

Coffee* 100% Arabica *Organic ingredient
Tasting Note
Fruity, caramel and chocolate

Inspired by César Chávez: Mexican-American Union Leader and Civil Rights Activist


In its origins MICHIZA began as a small organization that links coffee producers from various ethnic groups throughout the state of Oaxaca. The name MICHIZA is the acronym for these indigenous groups: Mixtecos, Chinantecos and Zapotecos and today brings together some 1030 small-scale organic coffee producers, who work between one and six hectares of land, in six separate regions and 43 local communities.

The cooperative was created in the spirit of empowering local farmers, supporting their traditional forms of self-government and the organization obtained legal status under the name of Yeni Navan, or "New Dawn" in Zapotec, in what is already an institution of fair trade of reference within the world of coffee. Like all Central American coffees, this coffee is sweet and pleasant, ideal to drink only as good Arabic, which, due to its lower caffeine content, can be taken at any time. With the purchase of this coffee, you are collaborating with 0.7% of Amnesty International's fight for human rights.

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