Images: (1) 250 g product bag made of Omnidegradable® material, (2) Loose product presentation. 3) Menyamya producers receiving training on coffee harvest – Fairtrade Australia & NZ ®


Origin country
Papua New Guinea
Unen Choit Cooperative
PVP: €9.55

Coffee* 100% Arábica. *Organic ingredient.
Tasting Note
Vegetables, caramel and milk chocolate

Inspired by Kevin Buzzacott: Promoter of justice and land rights for Aboriginal people


The Menyamya Papua New Guinea surprises for being one of the best coffees in the world in remote Oceania. This coffee stands out for a strong and structured body, but with a very moderate acidity and its mild bitterness. The clear notes of chocolate are combined at the end with a vegetable. Highly recommended for those who never tried a Papuan coffee.

The coffee comes from the remote area of Aseki in the Menyamya region (Morobe province), an inaccessible place where we find Unen Choit Cooperative, a cooperative of more than 300 members that stands out on the island of Papua. Their certified organic crops which has helped many farmers to join after the success of this change in agriculture. Also very important is the effort made by the producers who have to store and transport the dried beans to prevent them from picking up moisture and keeping all the flavor despite the extreme tropical climate and the scarce infrastructure that the Papuans still have in their deep valleys.

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