Images: (1) 100 g bag of product made of BioNatura® material. (2) Instant coffee. (3) Presentation of the loose product.


Origin country
Colombia, Nicaragua
Organic farming from several countries
PVP: €5.95

100 g
Instant coffee* *Organic ingredient
Tasting Note
Creamy roast, peanut

Inspired by Rosa Parks: African-American Civil Rights Activist


The most aromatic coffee for the most immediate moments. This soluble coffee is a natural coffee without preservatives or colourings made from organic arabica beans.

More than half of the world's coffee production goes to instant coffee and many people consume it daily, so ethical and fair trade coffee is equivalent to natural coffee in terms of social justice.

Its production involves roasting and spraying on the one hand, and dehydration on the other, which makes it last longer under optimal conditions than freshly roasted coffee.

Our organic coffee is prepared by adding water, milk or a vegetable drink, and it is essential to avoid humidity in the environment and excess temperatures so that it does not rehydrate or dry out.

Ideal to take it when we do not have a coffee maker.

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