PVP: €36.90

Refillable capsule in your individual option, which includes dispenser, presser and filter spare parts.

One out of every three households uses single-dose capsules with the waste of non-recycled aluminum at the end of the year and the environmental impact that implies.

Compostable capsules, although with a lower impact, also involve many energy resources and materials. The most comfortable and most environmentally friendly option today is the WayCap capsule.

The capsule is unscrewed and the dispenser is placed to fill it using the presser in a practical way to achieve an espresso finish. The coffee has to be ground fine, but if it is thicker or prefer more watery or concentrated options, the filters can be exchanged to suit the client.

The capsule is closed and placed in the machine as a normal capsule. After use it is cleaned and can be reused, waiting for the minimum minutes to cool down. With the option duo you can make two coffees in a row without waiting time.

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