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Origin country
Organic farming from Indonesia
PVP: €4.20

300 g
Coconut Sugar* *Organic ingredient
Tasting Note
Sugar biscuit


Ecolectia's organic, fair-trade coconut sugar comes from local Indonesian producers.

It is a very interesting alternative because of the unique qualities of the palm tree, currently used in coconut oil, coconut milk and also coconut sugar. Its international exploitation requires an exhaustive care of the agricultural use of the environment, and of course, of the working conditions of those who work this food.

It has a characteristic sweet flavor that does not resemble the coconut because the sugar is extracted from the flowers of the palm tree. It is recommended in some diets because it has a low glycemic index, helping to regulate energy, and always recommending that it not be in high amounts because its levels of fructose are also high.

In general, its advantages are due to the presence of inulin that slows down the absorption of glucose, helps to reduce certain cholesterol levels, improves the intestinal flora and the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

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