Haiti is rebuilt at school

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Haiti suffers natural disasters and misgovernment, its last quakes are not natural, but of mismanagement and governability. The agenda of Jovenel Moïse continues to ignore the rural communities of the country, while in the capital Port-au-Prince, society tires of the shortage of means, products and now also of corruption.

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The bad economic data are reflected in the most daily aspects such as the low quality of education. Currently according to UNICEF only 50% of Haitian children are schooled and 80% of the entire national population is illiterate. Reconstruction still weighs, and although it is a priority for the agencies that work in Haiti, there are still infrastructural deficiencies and time is short. Each year that passes is a year lost in the education of a child limiting all her/his future life. Education is a fundamental right that helps to eradicate the vicious circle of poverty of the smallest of the island and that is why every project of renewal of the country must pass through this point obligatorily.

Among the NGOs that work in the reconstruction of the island is the project of Architecture without Borders (ASF) “La Escuela, portal de desarrollo de Haití”


From the beginning ASF works in the defense of human rights to achieve a fairer world, through universal access to decent housing to achieve social transformation. In the case of the project they are carrying out in Haiti, they do so bearing in mind the importance of education and the fact that without a physical infrastructure, their quality, time and results are nothing more than a useless piece of paper. 

The aim is to contribute to the implementation of the right to education by focusing on three rural communities in the commune of Ganthier, West region, hand in hand with the local NGO MIPROS. The objective is the integral improvement of the quality of basic education and with it the consolidation of the social and educational fabric for the future of this rural community.


We are talking about three centers. The school of public management of Thoman and those of L'Espoir and Les Roches that finally ended up being of communal management since the boys and girls of the area had to travel a great distance between the mountains and they lost the classes.

There are three main lines to consider. First, the improvement and expansion of the infrastructure of these three educational centers. Secondly, the teacher training, and thirdly, integrate the whole community into the project so that they understand that the integral management of education will provide a better future for the students and also the teaching workers in Ganthier.

If you want to help them to build a decent school this can be a great opportunity. ASF to project the work is initiating a campaign of fundraising to specifically expand and improve the school of Les Roches. There is a lack of basic infrastructure for electricity, roads, water and sanitation, as in the rest of the country, but Les Roches also had a precarious building, which served both for the education of children and a community center.

This very small structure forced the instructors to teach several classes at the same time in morning and afternoon shifts, making the educational quality lower.


Specifically, it will collaborate in the construction of new infrastructures: 3 more classrooms, a kitchen with a dining room and another hygienic center. In addition, the school is being built by a group of learners from the community, both unemployed and people at risk of social exclusion, to whom ASF trains them in a practical and theoretical manner in a construction that is safe for all.

If you are interested in collaborating with this project, remember that the new course is about to begin.

Only through these inclusive activities are Haitians empowered to face themselves to rebuild the country with their own human capital.


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