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Origin country
Kagoshima Organic Gardens
PVP: €19.95

Green tea* in powder *Organic ingredient
Tasting Note
Sweet vegetal

Inspired by Setsuko Thurlow, survivor and anti-nuclear activist.


The Matcha is obtained by drying the leaves of the tea and then pulverized in a stone mill. For your consumption you can use a chawan, a chazaku and a chasen (bowl, bamboo spatula and shaker) for the most orthodox or simply stirring it for half a minute until it foams to get the benefits of this Japanese drink in a practical way. There are plenty of mixtures that matcha allows: with milk, with cocoa, in pastries, although the quality of this powder also encourages its traditional enjoyment, that is, without adding anything.

Since the milled leaf is dissolved directly in water, its contribution of antioxidants is greater, as well as the theine, so it is advisable when an extra energy is required.

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