Origin country
Organic farming from Peru
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100 g
Lucuma* *organic ingredient
Tasting Note

Inspired by Dolores Huerta: American Farmers Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist


Lucuma is a fruit from the Andean valleys of Peru. Its name comes from the Quechua "lluku uma" which means the head of an old man, due to its shape.

Its intense flavor is reminiscent of maple syrup. Thanks to its iron, beta-carotene and niacin content, it is considered a superfood.

It can be used in ice creams, smoothies, cakes and other desserts since we can treat it as a natural sweetener that helps us to reduce the sugar content, in such a way that we can have a diet with fewer calories, which favors weight loss, and even to control diabetes and reactive hypoglycemia, as well as any adverse effects of excessive sugar consumption.

Thanks to the fact that it comes from organic and sustainable agriculture, we take care of ourselves inside and we take care of the planet.

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